Our congregation and community is also grateful to be served by an excellent staff here at First Presbyterian!

Church Bookkeeper and Treasurer: Carla McDonald

Church Marketing: Teresa Myers

8 foot tall puppets?  No problem.  Parade Float?  Yup, it is sitting outside.  All of this and posters, flyers and other pamphlets flow from the creative mind of Teresa Myers.  Retired from a 27 year history of working with troubled kids, Teresa brings her smile and her big heart to the office of First Presbyterian. For fun, ask her about her dog or her ukelele and join her as she sings tenor in the church choir.

Church Secretary and Office Manager: Sharon Carper

Sharon, who also still runs the church office of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Allegan, has recently also joined the staff of First Presbyterian.  Previously a journalist, Sharon brings years of experience as a church secretary and a brain full of ideas and best practices to our office.  Things are running so smoothly you get the definite impression that she has done all of this many times before…


Organist:  Theresa Ashley
TheresaTheresa Ashley began her work at First Presbyterian Church as a fill in organist for “just a few weeks”.  Now over 20 years later, she is still wondering when her few weeks will be complete!  Theresa excels at sight reading music and during our Summer Congregational Hymn Sings in morning worship, requests from the congregation never phase her.
–As long as she has all the notes in front of her, she can play it!

Music Director: Mindy Thompson


Community Lunch Director:  Deb Valenti
Custodian and Building Supervisor: Daniel La Mountain
When asked what his purpose in life is, Daniel says that it is “To love everybody equally.”

Daniel is the part time custodian at First Presbyterian Church of Allegan.  He was honorably discharged from the military and is a disabled veteran.  He spent 2 years in the Navy and enjoyed seeing the world, and then spent 7 years in the Army and enjoyed the physical adventures that challenged him there.  Today he lives in Paw Paw and when he is not busy cleaning up the messes that we make at First Presbyterian Church, he is busy raising his two beautiful daughters Summer and Skye and spending time with his wife of 12 years, Kristill.

Education Assistant:  Shantel Gleffe

Nursery Caregiver:  Megan Schmidt