Our congregation and community is also grateful to be served by an excellent staff here at First Presbyterian!

Rev. Kathlyn R. Nealand, Pastor

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Pastor Kathy is a native Long Islander and a second-career minister in the PC (USA).  She received her B.A. in Special/Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, NY and her M. Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, NJ.  She has served four Presbyterian congregations on Long Island, one United Church of Christ congregation in Farmingville, NY and a Moravian congregation in Staten Island, NY.

“The faith community that God has called me to and continues to call me to would be in the midst of transition, as they seek to rediscover what God is calling them to do and be in the 21st Century church. The people would yearn for a deeper relationship with God and with each other; and to grow their church deep and wide. They would have a love of all types of music in and outside of worship, especially the type of music that causes them to tap their foot, clap their hands and even get up and dance!. They would enjoy a sermon that is scriptural-based, Christ-focused, Spirit-led, relevant and delivered in an informal (down-to-earth) manner.

They would want a pastoral leader who brings a positive, uplifting and hopeful spirit to their beloved community. They would want a pastoral leader who would be willing to leave her comfort zones, travel across the country if need be, a risk taker; and ready, willing and able to handle the most challenging of situations. Most of all, they would want a pastoral leader who loves the Lord with her whole heart, mind, body and soul; and shares that love with all people.

It seems I found exactly what I was looking for at FPC Allegan!”

Church Secretary and Office Manager: Sharon Carper.

Sharon, who also still runs the church office of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Allegan, has recently also joined the staff of First Presbyterian.  Previously a journalist, Sharon brings years of experience as a church secretary and a brain full of ideas and best practices to our office.  Things are running so smoothly you get the definite impression that she has done all of this many times before…

Organist: Theresa Ashley

Theresa Ashley began her work at First Presbyterian Church as a fill in organist for “just a few weeks”.  Now over 20 years later, she is still wondering when her few weeks will be complete!  Theresa excels at sight reading music and during our Summer Congregational Hymn Sings in morning worship, requests from the congregation never phase her.
–As long as she has all the notes in front of her, she can play it!

Session Members:

Claudia Rasmussen, Clerk of Session; Sally Trabulsi, Treasurer; Gary Bosma, Building & Grounds; Colleen Johnson, Worship & Education; Nancy Klinkers, Pastoral Care; Jena Lewis, Outreach & Pastoral Care.

Other Volunteer Leadership Positions: Judy Woods, Community Lunch Liaison

Church Bookkeeper and Treasurer: Carla McDonald

Community Lunch Director:  Deb Valenti

Resource Coordinator: Charles Schantz

Temporary Custodian: Michael Ray Reed

Assistant Custodian: Maureen Heilman