Year Round

Our Nursery,  for ages 0 – 4 is staffed every Sunday by a local student, and is available from 10 am – after the worship service. (Nursery care starts at 9 am Sept. – May)   Toys, stories, coloring and activities as well as free play are all part of our Nursery experience.    Allegan High School Student studys early childhood development are our staff people.   Our Nursery is sanitized every week and has its own dedicated restroom to assist with toilet training.

Young Learners, ages 4 – 2nd grade is staffed every Sunday by  Shantel Gleffe.  This class begins at 10 am (9 am from Sept – May) and then goes to the Narthex to ring the bell for worship at 10:25 am. These Young Learners then practice being in worship together, (right up front) until after the Children’s Moment.  At that time, Shantel leads them to their class in their room right behind the chancel.

Y.O.U.T.H. Group

Our YOUTH group meets monthly after worship, typically on the last Sunday of the month. We go get lunch together and then head off for our adventures.  From Corn Mazes to Serving Food, our YOUTH group puts the love of Jesus into action!
We have no age limits for this youth group, although the curriculum is geared at a High School level.  Our participants ages range from Fifth Graders through College Students, although most are in High School.  If you can act like a High Schooler or just like hanging out with High Schoolers, you are welcome to come.
September – May Education Hour

9 am – 10 am Sundays

First Presbyterian Church of Allegan offers Education Hour  for all ages September – May on Sunday mornings at 9 AM.
(On all Sundays falling between the Allegan County Fair and Memorial Day Weekend.)


2015 Fall. Nooma Video Series. By Rob Bell. Led by Pastor Karen

2015 Fall. The Bible and Homosexuality by  Dr. Murray Cooper.  Led by Pastor Karen

2015 Lenten Book Study:  Cross Roads by William Young.  Led by Pastor Karen.  Meets at Mug Shots Coffee Shop. Wednesdays at 6 pm

The Lord’s Prayer:  Lent 2015.  A Six week intensive look at the Lord’s Prayer.  Led by our Pastoral Intern, Murray Cooper and Pastor Karen

The History of the Presbyterian Church.  February 2015.  Several weeks discussing how the PC(USA) got here now.  Led by our Pastoral Intern, Murray Cooper

Other Faiths.  January 2015.  Four weeks of learning and discussion about:  Atheists, Wicca, Muslims and Mormons. Led by Pastor Karen

The Book of Job.  Fall 2014.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Led by our Pastoral Intern, Murray Cooper.

Homosexuality and the Bible.  Fall 2014.   What is Homosexuality and what does the Bible really have to say about it?  Led by Pastoral Intern, Murray Cooper.

The Story:  A journey through the Bible.  Fall 2013. Often we spend so much time examining the Bible so closely with our contextual microscope, that we forget that the entire Bible is a grand Story of Gods love and care.  This study takes us through the whole Bible in a year looking at with the glasses of God’s story and our story.
ENOUGH!  Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity.  Spring 2013.

In the light of the fact that many of us have great anxieties when it comes to managing and spending our money. we will be learning and talking about how the power of money in our lives can help us meet our goals, provide our needs, and fulfill our purpose in life.   Through a video and discussion, come and get a new perspective on what God has given you.
Joshua: The book and the Man. Lent 2013

Joshua was the leader of the children of Israel after Moses and brought the people into the promised land.  What do we know about Joshua and how can that help us today?

Angels, Demons and Satan. Winter 2013.
While scripture talks a lot about angels and demons and some about Satan, what do you know (or think you know) about them?  This study examines what the Bible says on these topics and also looks at the other sources for our”common” knowledge of these characters.

The Book of Revelation.  Fall 2012
While many people have heard the Book of Revelation read as prophecy for today, have you ever taken a look at it in its historical context?  What did this book mean to those who first read it?  When was it written and why?  What was the message for people back then, and what is it’s message for us now?  Join us as we take a long scholarly look at this very complicated book.

The Book of Genesis. Fall 2010

The Book of Ruth & The Book of Jonah. Spring 2011

How the Bible Came to Be. Fall 2011

The Gospel of Mark. Winter 2012

Four Perspectives of Mary Magdalene.  Spring 2012

The older kids from third grade through High School will also meet together for Sunday School from 9 am – 10 am on Sunday mornings.  This curriculum varies. It is frequently a video based Sunday School Curriculum where popular movies such as Narnia, Star Wars, Remember the Titans, and Dead Poets Society were watched in 30 minute a week segments, and the themes from the video were discussed in class.

The Young Learners class is enjoying the curriculum called BUZZ!  So many of the Biblical Characters are on Journeys and we are too!