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Good Friday Service

Join the Christian community as we continue to journey to the Cross with Jesus.


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The Carrying of the Cross

Join the Christian community as we process from the Mahan Gazebo, Mahan Park to the Episcopal Church at Hubbard and Walnut, Allegan, Upon arrival all are welcome to participate in the Stations of the Cross.

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He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed

Come and join us for the most joyful day when Jesus who was crucified, died and buried was risen on the third day! Holy Communion will also be served. All are welcome at the Table of Love! Easter Egg Hunt will also be available to all children of God!

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Sunrise Service – Easter Morning

The community is invited to participate in a Sunrise Service to remember that morning long ago when he women went to the tomb and found it empty.

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The Power of the Heart

The heart is a powerful organ within our bodies. We cannot exist without it pumping the blood through our bodies. Our heart is also the place where our true feelings reside. There is power in knowing the God’s heart is bigger than we could ever imagine and that the Lord is working to reconcile with us through his one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Come and hear the good news of the Gospel this Lenten season! Go to the online bulletin.


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The Power of Words

Words are very powerful. Words can hurt and words can heal. Words can sting like an arrow or words can taste as sweet as honey. Words can be misused, understood or overlooked. In today’s worship we will rediscover words that may have become so known by us that we have lost its meaning.

See the bulletin on our “Rejoice” Page.

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The Power of Laws

The worship theme is about laws. Laws can restrict or laws can be freeing. God renewed the relationship with the Israelites by giving them the law. By the time of Jesus, a rigid religious system had evolved. The law has ceased to be the life-giving source of joy and learning. What restricts us from fully experiencing the fresh movement of the Spirit?

Holy Communion will, also,  be administered.

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The Jubilant Entry

Worship theme is the jubilant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

We will, also, be taking our Cents-Ability “Noisy Offering” to support hunger programs in Allegan. So don’t forget to bring your coin!


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The Power of Promise

Worship theme is the Power of Promise. Are we promise keepers? God made a promise to Abram that he would be the father of all nations. This promise that was made was based on faith. On what does your relationship with God rest?

We will, also, be taking our first Cents-Ability “Noisy Offering” to support hunger programs in Allegan. So don’t forget to bring your coin!

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Maundy Thursday/Tenebrae Service

Join us for a simple soup and bread supper as we remember the Last Supper followed by the extinguishing of the light.

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