180th Anniversary

On April 23 of 2016, The First Presbyterian Church of Allegan became180 years old.  This congregation has a storied history and a bright future of reaching out to the community of Allegan and beyond!

In 2011, First Presbyterian Church celebrated our 175th Anniversary during the month of May, 2011 we had a month of special worship services in order to commemorate all of our long and glorious history serving God and the Allegan community.  We thank everyone who worked so hard on this celebration and who contributed so many photos and items of memorabilia.

175th Anniversary Blessing
Celebrating these 175 years of God’s ministry, we give our sincerest appreciation and thanks for all those giants of faith who have come before us. They have worshiped in these pews. They have sat on these committees. They have cooked the meals and visited the sick and cared for our community for generations! Those who have come before us have given us a good legacy and a strong foundation of faith that holds fast and true. For that we are exceedingly grateful and we give thanks to God for their gifts, their work and for all of these great blessings that they have bequeathed to us. By their work, we are inspired. By their sacrifice we are able to reach higher and farther than we could on our own. But it is most importantly by their faith, which they taught to us, that we, here in 2011 can live our lives in the name of Jesus Christ and serve God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. In our celebration of 175 years of God’s ministry in Allegan, we not only celebrate our storied past, we not only remember our friends and those who have left their legacies behind. But we also reflect on where God is leading us today, and together we set off on a new course of faithful ministry. May God continue to bless us. And may the light of God’s love always shine forth from the corner of Chestnut and Cutler St. Amen.
—Rev. Karen Fitz La Barge


Ministers of First Presbyterian Church of Allegan

William Jones     1836-1837
Augustus Littlejohn     Five Weeks (pulpit supply)
George W. Elliott     Three Months (pulpit supply)
Luke Lyons     1837-1839
Harvey Hyde     1840-1841
Samuel Newberry     1842-1845
E.F. Waldo     1846- 1848
William Page     1849-1850
C.M. Morehouse     1851-1854
Joseph A. Ranny     1854-1859
Joel Kennedy     1860-1864
John Sailor     1865-1875
J.D. McCord     1874-1878
A.B. Allen     1879- 1882
Judson Swift     1882-1888
H.W. Harvey     1888-1892
J.A. Barnes     1892-1895
T.A. Scott     1895-1899
F.A. Strough     1900-1902
A.V. Bashear     1903-1914
B. L. Bergstrom     1915-1920
Federation Period (With First Congregational Church in Allegan)     1920-1922
Edwin H. Bradfield     1922-1924
George W. White     1924-1935
Gerard H. Snell     1936-1936
Arthur R. Osborne     1936-1942
Harold J. King     1942-1949
Stuart W. Werner     1949-1965
David R. Wright     1966-1968
William H. Nethery     1969-1973
W. Thomas Barnes     1974-1978
Stephen Weinberger     1979-1983
Robert Burns     1983-1988
James DeGood     1988-1990
Carolyn J. Wharton     1990-1996
~~Annemarie Kidder…Pastoral Intern 1996-1997
Ned Pierson     1997-1998
~~Nancy Clodfelder….Pastoral Intern 1997-1998
Joseph Phipps     1998-2008
Katherine Culpepper     2008-2010
Karen Fitz La Barge  2010 – 2016
~~Mindy Thompson…Pastoral Intern 2013-2014
~~Murray Cooper…Pastoral Intern   2014-2015