Recovery International Self-Help Group

RECOVERY SELF-HELP at First Presbyterian Church, Allegan
Join us on Monday mornings at 10 am with Group Leader, Virginia Allen. Visitors are welcome to join the group for free.


RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL is one of the earliest group-based self-help organizations. It is known for it’s philosophy of spotting and self correcting behaviors, which is now frequently called behavior modification. Recovery International was founded at the Neuropsychiatric Institute of the University of Illinois Research and Education Hospitals on November 7, 1937, by the late Abraham Low, MD. He was a professor of neuropsychiatry there at the University and he formed this group with 30 of his patients.

In Dr. Low’s own words, “Recovery stands for simplicity. Its systems of instruction and training are meant to enable the patient to practice self-help. Self-help in psychiatric aftercare calls for simple methods of interpreting and manipulating symptoms. When you are ill, your main and all-absorbing purpose must be the will to get well. All other purposes, no matter how inspiring and exalted, must be subordinate to the one leading purpose of getting and keeping well.”

An additional organization,The Abraham Low Institute was founded in 1989 and developed The Power to Change for Schools and The Power to Change for Corrections. In January of 2009, Abraham Low Self-Help Systems was incorporated as the final step in the merger of Recovery International and The Abraham Low Institute; the merger took place January 2008.